Rob Bishop
US Congress
Jory, I appreciate your service on the Layton City Council and especially your strong leadership on the Hill Air Force Base Public-Public, Public-Private (P-4) Committee. You are a leader and a friend.

Bret Millburn
Davis County Commissioner
Jory has a proven track record as a successful business builder and leader; he has a vision for what business friendly government looks like. Layton will be well served by a leader that not only makes job creation a priority, but has the skills to make it a reality. That's exactly the kind of leader Jory is.

Steve Curtis
Layton Mayor
Jory has always coupled his gift of common sense with concern for his neighbors. His objectivity in handling problems has demonstrated a willingness to do what is right, even at the risk of personal inconvenience. I have watched him represent the city in the highest regard while he has served as Layton Mayor Pro Tem, from Hill AFB Colonels, to sixth grade graduates and everyone in between. Jory's actions have made me keenly aware of a man whose drive and desire don't quit until the job is done. You will find him to be an open listener, a servant who acts in the best interests of those he serves.

Curt Oda
Utah State Representative
I came to know Jory through his work at the Utah Legislature on Layton's behalf. He understands when to exercise restraint and when to apply pressure in order to achieve the best interests of Layton on Capitol Hill. He has a competent understanding of how government works, and will serve the citizens of Layton at the highest level as Mayor.

Jay Dansie
Layton is a special place. I was born here and spent my youth in Davis County. My mother was from West Layton and worked on a family farm. After my service in WWII, I returned here and worked with my father in his business. I've engaged in educational, civic, and religious services to do my part to keep Layton a family first community. I've worked with Jory for a number of years on community causes. He continually finds ways to serve people. He's the type of leader who will preserve all that Layton is, and has a vision of where Layton needs to go. He is passionate about keeping Layton a great place for families, children, grandchildren, and generations yet to come. For this reason, it is my honor to endorse Jory in his campaign for Layton City Mayor. Join me in voting for him.

LT Weese
Layton Business Owner, Honorary Commander Hill AFB, Honorary Special Forces Assoc. Life Member
Jory brings amazing energy, dedication and confidence to our great city. He is a successful business owner, outstanding Councilman, and major supporter of Hill Air Force Base. Layton will only continue to grow stronger as Jory leads the way as our Mayor.

Mark Arnold
"Keeping taxes low and spending wisely" is sometimes a trite and over used campaign slogan, but for Jory the words are much more than lip service. Jory built his own business from his own savings without incurring any debt and today, his company is a very successful and thriving Davis County enterprise. He adds to the Community’s bottom line rather than detracting from it. He clearly understands the importance of fiscal responsibility and that is why I am voting for him and would strongly encourage you to do the same.

Andrew Gardiner
Weber State Student Body President
Layton needs a leader who sees our full potential and is willing to work smart and hard. We need someone who is excited about our great city, who is passionate and understands business. Jory is in it for the people, he has the qualifications and definitely has my vote and support!

Travis Slade
Jory has impressed me with his keen interest in good government.  He understands those key ideas of government, free enterprise, and public virtue... that we must have in our citizens and especially our leaders.  He has lived a life that is consistent with someone who can apply these same principles to his leadership in local government.  I believe he understands that in order to heal what is hurting our nation, we must first heal our families and community.  He has lived a life of personal responsibility and public integrity.  He has my enthusiastic support in his efforts to become a servant to our fine community.

Jarrod and Cody Case
We have known Jory for 6 years and appreciate what he has done as a  councilman and a father.  He has always been honest and forthright with us. We fully endorse him running for Mayor of Layton City and look forward to supporting him through this campaign!

Veronica Wilson
Jory Francis has the knowledge and ability to build and sustain success in business and community.  He cares deeply about Layton City, it's residents, and will work to ensure it has a viable future.  He has proven himself as an advocate for Layton City and those who live and work here.  We are proud to support Jory Francis for Mayor!